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The best pilot exam preparation system available!

We provide the most up to date ground school courses and mock exams to get you through the official exams the first time!

Ground School has been created together with flight instructors that have an intimate knowledge of the syllabi as well as exactly how the questions are asked in the official exams – especially the tricky ones. Our courses and exams will ensure you pass the exams in record time with a full understanding of the content you are being tested on. We are the number one solution recommended by flight instructors and flight schools to assist you on your journey to becoming a pilot.

Whether you want to become a private pilot, commercial pilot, or airline transport pilot, we have the training material you need. Fixed-wing, helicopter, gyrocopter, or light-sport-aircraft, you name it - we’ve got it. We cover a wide range of licences and ratings to help you pass, no matter what type of aircraft you fly. If we do not have content for the exam you’re writing, please let us know so that we can get our subject matter experts working to include it!

  • Fully understand the topics
  • Pass on your first attempt
  • Save money

Covering all major jurisdictions

We provide content for both the EASA (European) and SACAA (South African) exams.

Continuously revised and updated

Our courses and exams are constantly revisited by the best subject matter experts who improve existing content as well as add new content.

Accessible offline

Our desktop and mobile applications allow you to access the content and learn on your own time, even when away from an Internet connection.


Saving you time and money

Writing pilots exams is expensive, on your wallet and on your time. Without passing your exams, your training may also be delayed. We have worked with the best subject matter experts in the industry to craft questions covering exactly what you need to know. For more complicated questions we have provided easy to understand explanations to solidify your understanding of the concepts involved. It is not worth risking the use of a substandard question database where you will have to keep rewriting the exams. Rather make the right choice and pass the first time with us.
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Reduce stress
  • Complete your training faster
  • Questions crafted by experts
  • Detailed explanations

Industry Leading Provider

We are the industry’s leading provider of ground school courses and mock exam questions. Many professional pilots got through their training with the assistance of our system. Whether you just want to fly privately, or are planning a career in aviation, we will help you to reach your goals. Our content will not only teach you to pass the exam, but also provide you with valuable knowledge to aid you in your journey as a pilot.

Always up to date

We work tirelessly to ensure our content is always up-to-date and relevant to the current syllabus. Our vast coverage of the syllabus ensures you will not be surprised by any question in the real exam. Complicated calculations, tricky questions – we cover them all so you are more than prepared for the real thing.

Professional team of industry experts

Our team is composed of software and aviation professionals who together have deep knowledge of flight instruction and how to apply this instruction to a digital platform. We also work together with other experts in the industry to create and improve the leading platform to aid you with your pilot training.

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